Print Options

Lustre prints

The image will be printed to Kodak Supra Endura digital paper, which is a professional
surface (neither glossy or matt) with a slight texture that reduces the amount
of fingerprints that show on the finished image.

Fine Art prints

The image will be printed onto 100% - 210 gsm Cotton Rag Archival art paper
which will give your image an old world warmth and a classic museum quality feel.

A thicker more substantial and slightly textured paper combined with matte pigmented
dyes is reminiscent of a watercolour painting.

Metallic prints

The image will be printed to Metallic paper which has a glossy finish and metallic
appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth.

In addition to delivering rich, vibrant colours and flattering flesh tones, this paper
offers century-plus image stability.

Each print is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Gallery Wraps

2" Gallery wrap

The image will be printed onto a high quality, archival, deluxe grade
canvas (cotton/polyester mix) which provides a more uniform printing surface with less imperfections.

The canvas is then laminated and stretched around hard wood stretcher bars and ready to hang.

The edges of the wrap are the outside 2 inches of image.

Canvas wedding